Future Future

I did not like the book. Once I looked at it and report their bullshit coughed up a piece of crap that triggered the alarm. Ever since I Jul reminds every night and I ye endure. Randal also do not like. Could it be a silent deal, we have such a headset that you collected outside sounds and allowing only what you need, a conversation with a partner, or a horn that heralds the end of a shift. But I have those damn thing taking off, sweating my ears and pushes it terribly. In addition they scare me to become deaf when around me is unknown landscape, Roll with huge plants with big leafs, thick branches of trees, the ones who are going to kill off.

I have the impression that somehow they know, strangely tremble, even when there is no wind. Also swallow rumble saws and grinders were in. I do not give this to anyone, it’s crazy, but I went a few days ago to pee, I’m not particularly squeamish, so it was not far from where a frenzy snarling grinder, I crawled under only one tree and it was over the din. Calm absolute silence, then a croaking and buzzing. I finished my affairs in record time and fell away.